Many thanks to Ros Dunning who has provided the transcripts to most of these.

Thanks to Nigel Douglas who provided the Richard Duglas transcription.

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A'Court Henry of Northampton

Agutter James of Wellingborough

Agutter, Martha of Northampton

Agutter, Paul of Northampton *NEW*

Banks Rachel of Daventry

Barfoot John of Great Brington

Richard Barefoot of Little Brington

Barton Edward of Welford

Bennet William of Chacombe

Billingham Elizabeth of Quinton

Bland Arthur of Great Oxendon

Bliss Sarah of Kislingbury

Bliss William of Blakesley

Brereton Henry of Kislingbury

Brickwood Edward of Thornhaugh

Bullock John of Spratton

Burgess Esther of Guilsborough

Butlin John the elder of Welford

Butlin John the younger of Welford

Butlin William of Spratton

Cave Joseph of Bulwick

Cole William of Floore

Cutbert Leonard of Irthlingborough

Dayrell, Henry of Towcester *NEW*

Dayrell, Paul of Ashton *NEW*

Deane Francis of Polebrook

Drayson, Elizabeth of Towcester *NEW*

Duglas, Richard of Chipping Warden *NEW*

Franklin Elizabeth of Moreton Pinkney

Gilbert Francis of Tiffield

Gilcrhist Stirling of Northampton

Goff William of Kings Sutton

Grant William of Kingsthorpe

Gray Susannah Of Wellingborough

Gulliver Catherine of Wootton

Gulliver James of Brackley

Harriotts Thomas of Blakesley

Hart Frances of Brackley

Haynes Sarah of Northampton

Hayton Neale of Tiffield

Hillersdon Elizabeth of Northampton

Hillersdon Mary of Northampton

Hodges,William of Towcester *NEW*

Holman Thomas of Caldecot

Isham Eusbeius of Pitchley

Isham Diana of Polebrook

Jeffes Ann of Bugbrooke

Jeffs William of Middleton Cheney

Judge Richard of Wappenham

Keeling Bartholomew of Tiffield

Kemsey William of Spratton

Kings Ann of Welford

Joseph Martin of Welford

Lamb John of Wollaston

Levi Rebecca of Northampton

Makepeace Ann of Kings Sutton

Mawby Elizabeth of Braunston

Mawby Margaret of Stamford Baron

Mercer Roger of Hackleton

Mobbs Isabella of Weedon Pinkney

Morris Ann of Kislingbury

Mousley Lucy of Cold Ashby

Myers Mary of Welford

Neale James of Tiffield

Neale Robert of Tiffield

Robert (the younger) of Tiffield

Orme Humphry of Peterborough

Orme Sarah of Polebrook

Pampion John of Pattishall

Pargeter John of Kings Sutton

Pitchley, Paul of Wellingborough *NEW*

Pursell Ann of Culworth

Richardson Benjamin of Eye

Richardson Sarah of Eye

Rodnight William of Middleton Cheney

Roper Benedict of Blisworth

Savage Henry Everett of Stoke Bruerne

Sawbridge William of East Haddon

Saywell Richard of Wappenham

Scriven Thomas of Twywell

Scriven William of Northampton

Shepphard Lucy of Stoke Bruerne

Simkins Thomas of Stoke Bruerne

Sindrey, Paul of Towcester *NEW*

Sprigg Francis of Brixworth

Sprigg Sarah of Brixworth

Steele Ann of Welford

Tebbutt George of Castor

Tresham Clementia of Pilton

Underwood John of Irthlingborough

Wade, Nathaniel of Clipston *NEW*

Warren Thomas of Castle Ashby

Westly John of Tiffield