This photograph belongs to Alan Muddiman and may show members of his Barker & Swindall family.  Alan writes :-

"Maria Swindall [nee Barker] was a sister of W. T. Barker, a local businessman of some standing I believe. I have attached a photo that I think is the wedding of one of William T Barker's daughters in the 1890s, and I think Samuel and Maria Swindall were  present. Where this photo was taken I don't know, though someone local may recognise the background."

Lynda Rich found this photo in a publication :- 

This photo appears in my copy of "Old Northamptonshire in Photographs" by R.L Greenall. The caption says "Wedding of John Buckingham to Elizabeth Barker in Northampton in 1898.

The groom, with moustache, is standing (centre) behind his seated bride. Mr. Buckingham was for many years Chief Clerk at the Northampton Gaslight Company, and lived at 13 Albion Place."

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