55 Cambridge St. Northampton. The house where Eric Parker was born.

Ivy Squires standing outside. 1925.

Note the ‘Coal Hole’ opening under the window and the cast iron Boot Scraper alongside the front door.

This was a 3­bedroom house although when it was a shop the back bedroom was used as a Stock Room.

 No bathroom and the toilet was outside at the rear of the kitchen/scullery. The laundry facilities consisted of a ‘copper’ heated by a hearth underneath.

Eric Parker writes,

"Cambridge street contained about a hundred of such terraced houses and was one of seven parallel streets with houses of more or less the same design and layout.

However the quality of the house construction improved slightly over the years as they developed away from the town centre. It was in this house that my mother

and three of her four siblings were born about 25 years before. The downstairs front room, in a normal house referred to as the ‘parlour’, had been converted to

a grocery shop. My parents did not live in this house but opposite across the street and lower down at number 64 where they rented rooms from the occupier."