Bill Collins writes,

"The photos were taken in Hardingstone sometime in 1889. We have no clue where in Hardingstone they may have been taken, but it would almost certainly have been somewhere other than High Street.  The cottage appears to have a small medallion near the upper story window with the number 7 on it.

 The people in the photo of the cottage, from left to right, are Alice Maria Adams (1872-1922), Maria Shipp Collins (1824-1906), and Ann Maria Collins Adams (1854-1929). The other group photo is taken in the garden of the cottage.  In her letter, Ann Collins Adams states that the arch is “of the house opposite”, so presumably is above the door to the house on the other side of the street from their cottage. The three women in the group portrait are three generations:: Ann Collins Adams (daughter of Maria), Maria Shipp Collins (mother of Ann), and Alice Maria Adams (daughter of Ann).  

I am of the view that the cottage no longer exists. But some person with a good knowledge of the history and access to historical photos may be able to determine where the cottage once stood."

Bill Collins

 UPDATE MAY 29,2014 thanks to Richard Ceely.

Number 77 (Collins family, Hardingstone) two photos - both are now where 58 Back Lane (my home) is. 
(1) My bungalow was built in 1956 and the cottage on the right in the picture (collins photo 2 before and after) was demolished some time before that - the medallion on the wall is probably an insurance plaque? The cottage on the left, together with the thatched cottage just seen further down the lane, was demolished later in the 1970s to make way for number 60 next door. Where I am standing on the new photo is approximately where the girl on the right was standing in the old photo.
(2) The other photo (collins photo 1 before and after) with the three generations in the garden, with the gate behind - as you can see from the new photo the gate is still in existence and is the garden entrance to the house opposite mine in Back Lane.
(Surnames) Hall Family, Hardingstone
This building is still in existence as you can see from the new photo (hall shop now) - sadly the shop entrance has gone and been made wider. This is immediately left of The Sun public house in High Street and was recently converted to mews style accommodation - what was then known as Halls Yard is now called Stent Mews.
Hope this helps in some small way.