The following people appeared in the Northampton Independent Newspaper between 1909 and 1932. 

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FROST Ann, Alton Road Far Cotton (1921)

Received this email (and photographs Apr 2013)

"What  a surprise to see Ann Frost on your site for Independent People  . Ann Frost  ( nee Montgomery ) is my husbands 2nd great grand aunt I have attached two photo's. 

Her first car ride, sat next to Ann.... left to right is Florence  Mable Webb (nee Gardner )next to her is her mum Mary Ann Gardner ( nee Russel )  next is Mary's husband  Eustace William Gardner , then a Mr Pryor.


 The news paper article is a small part of the other photo which is left to right half man no one knows Mr Pryor, Florence Mable Webb ( nee Gardner ) Ann Frost  ( nee Montgomery )

Mary Ann Gardner ( nee Russel ) the Mayor Harvey Reeves , Eustace William Gardner , the lady no one knows .


Ann died 18 th December 1925 age 104 . This information was given to me by my Mother-in-law Eleanor Mary Holben  ( nee Webb ) who sadly died in November 20012 


                                                           Kind Regards   Pauline holben


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