Jim Edwards was born here in 1924, "The house was just traditional. There was a passage in,
a front room, living room and kitchen. We'd only got gas lighting downstairs. There was a light in the
living room and a light in the front room. You used to have to take a candle to bed. There was a big
brick-built copper where my mother used to do the washing every Monday. She used to take in washing as
well to help out. We used to get the coal from the cellar on a Monday morning and light the fire. Fill up
the copper with a bowl - we only had a single tap in the kitchen. We used to keep chucking the coal on and
then that usedto take an hour or more to boil. She'd be washing all day long, oh, ten o'clock at night.
And it'd still be there the next day.Inside the living room… the fireplace. 'Grate' we used to call it. One side
was a boiler black leaded, and the other side was an oven. So you could boil water one side and the other side
you could put something to cook. We had a gas stove in the kitchen, an old black one. Just a couple of burners
and an oven. They were quite small and that's why you used to take your dinner down to the bakehouse."