Lucy Starmer remembers, "There were a row of houses in Grafton Street. Mr. Jarman's was about in
the middle. He told my mother one day, he said his wife stood out on the step - they used to come out and
fold their arms and look up and down Grafton Street - and a woman came up to her, put a baby in her arms and
went. They never did find her. Oh, and he did turn out a lovely boy. He went into the army in the First World War."
Jim Edwards, "Grafton Street had the Chinese laundry at the top. Leong Ah Yow. Big family of them. They got above
the door a midday sun with all the rays coming out of it."
Elizabeth Whitney, "There used to be blind man in Grafton Street. He had a barrel organ and he used to go round playing.
And his grand-daughter… She used to go round with him, 'cause he was blind."
John Short, "He employed a man to pull the organ and he helped pull it with a bit of rope tied on the side. My mother
used to give him a cup of tea."