Photograph sent by Reg Oliver -

I have attached a photo of the kids of the middle part of Gt Russell St. I am sitting on the front row on the left wearing dungarees.

I think it was taken on V E day 1945

Regards, Reg.

MAR 2012 Update

Had an email from Carl Wilkins :-

Hi, the girl in the middle at the back is my nan, Heather Robinson, she was 13 when the photo was taken. She lived next door to the pub half way down the street.

My nan (Heather Robinson) lived next door to the Morning Star, on the right as you look at it.

She had two brothers, Dennis and Eddy and a sister Ruby. Her parents were Lillian and Percy. I think they moved there in 1936,

Percy was a fireman who was stationed in Coventry during the blitz. 

JAN 2014 Update

Had an email from Steve Wright :-

The girl standing on the far left, in the white dress is my mum, her name then was Vera Chandler (now Wright).

And seated on the curb are two of her younger brothers: David Chandler, in the check shirt, and Colin Chandler in the darker shirt to the right of David.

My mum remembers them having to put on their best clothes because it was a special day.

Both my mum's and my dad's families lived in Great Russell Street then. Best regards, Steve Wright.

FEB 2014 Update

Had an email from Alistair Talbot :-


The boy at the back of the photo on the left is Brian Talbot who grew up in Great Russell street. Mother May Talbot, dad George Talbot sister Dawn.



Thanks to Reg Oliver,

"I have attatched a photo of 1953 Coronation Day outside Doll Frost's shop in Gt Russell Street for your collection.

I am 5th in 2nd row next Michael Chandler, also in picture Alan Chandler, Ken Banks Ann Williams Carol Hancock and Dick Frost. 



Reg Oliver"

NOV 2014 update from Lynda Rich

 I have just found this photo on your website and was very pleased to
 see my great aunt Chris Billett right in the centre of the picture (she is not
 smiling) and my great uncle Arch just behind her to the left, with a
 hat on and smiling.


If you know who anybody else than please contact me.