NORTHAMPTON - Facts and Figures


Click above to see what the most popular forenames / surnames and occupations were in 1841.

Northampton All Saints - Perambulations & Problems with burying the dead

Some Mercury Newspaper Petty Sessions which make interesting reading

Shoemaking - click here to see what a clicker, finisher, cordwainer are

List of Mayors of Northampton and other offices

Northampton - History Of including Queen Victoria's visit & local fires

Northampton Boot & Shoe Manufacturers - a complete list from 1928

Northampton in 1869 - an article by Richard Rowe

Northampton in 1837 - an article from the Northampton Independent

Victorian Northampton

List of Northants soldiers

Soldiers Stories - in their own words - World War One

Northampton and the War - how World War One affected the town