Robert Jones (1815-1880)

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Robert was the eldest child of James and Susannah Jones, Wales St, Kings Sutton. children were---

Robert Baptised 16 July 1815
William --------- 1816
James ------------- 23 July 1818
Betty ------------ 28 Oct 1821
Cain ------------ 30 Nov 1823
Kerrenhappach------- 26 Feb 1825 died 29 Dec 1825
Kerrenhappach------- 6 Jan 1827
Stephen ------------- 30 May 1830
Darius ------------- 7 April 1833
Demetrius ------------- 9 Nov 1834 Died 26 July 1840

Susannah Died 5 Sept 1835 aged 39 yrs

Robert married Prudence Paxton at Brackley on the 27 August 1843,children of Robert and Prudence.

Richard Baptised 25 Jan 1844 at Brackley
Mary Born 1842 10 Oct 1842 baptised 18 April 1852

One has no real proof that Mary was not Robert's child, as she was born out of wedlock.

She was registered on the birth and baptismal records as Jones. I would like to point out Robert was tried

and convicted in July 1844. 11 months after their marriage, this must have been a very traumatic time for all concerned.

And being left without means of support. Prudence turned her attentions to the previous best man at their wedding

Prudence Jones married Robert Hughes in Banbury Registry Office on 26 Feb 1846. Their children

John born 19 July 1853
Mary Ann------------23 April 1856
Elizabeth------------28 Jan 1859
Hannah---------------15 Jan 1862

Prudence died 28 Feb 1881 age 61 present at death Mary Howard (daughter )
researched by UK agent for John Forster Holt genealogist & family historian

Robert Jones was not a stranger to breaking the law, in 1841 he stole 3lb of Bacon and a knife and fork from

the Clarke family at kings Sutton In 1843 was prosecuted for the assault on two police officers.
Tried Northampton July 3rd 1844 Transported for 15 yrs, period of hard labour 2 yrs

Convicted for stealing part of a coopers stove from Mr Hopcraft of Brackley, and also stealing Candles, Sponge and a carving Knife.

Being sent to Tasmania on the Sir Robert Peel, built at Sunderland in 1841, of 724 tons, carrying 254 convicts.

Embarking 5 Sept 1844 and arriving 26 Dec 1844.There was 1 death at sea.
He was heavily tattooed--- VR Crown,bottle and 2 glasses, flowerpot with flowers,Half moon, Sun,

7 Stars,Crosspipes and Anchor, R Jones 1836. A M Norman on the right arm below the elbow. Prudence on the left elbow below

the elbow, 7 stars and anchor between the forefinger and thumb on the left hand. Anchor on the back of the right hand. ring on

second middle finger of each hand. Heart and dart, PJ enclosed in the heart and O E H C on the breast.
Trade Top Sawyer (carpenter )
Height 5.7 1/2 ins
Age 30yrs
Complexion Ruddy
Head Oval
Hair Black
Whiskers Black
Eyes Blue
Native place Kings Sutton Northamptonshire, He was married with 2 children.

Robert was a Protestant and could read a little.
Upon arrival at Port Arthur, Tasmania he was placed in Station of gang Wedge Bay From 25/1/1845 to 9/4/1846.

And recommended for probation as a pass holder on 24/12/1846 class 3. (can be hired out for employment whilst under supervision )
Robert committed some offences while on probation.

11 Dec 1848 Drunk Reprimand
21 Mar 1849 Drunk and taking his masters horse into a public house Reprimand
30 April 1849 Absent without leave 7 days solitary confinement
26 Oct 1849 Neglect of duty 3 weeks hard labour
24 Dec 1849 Absent without leave and returning drunk 3 weeks hard labour.

And returned to the Cascades (a hiring depot for convicts on probation )

all the above offences occurred when working for Mr Spode in the Derwent Valley.
10 Aug 1850 Neglect of duty ( Harrison ) 3 weeks hard labour
Ticket of leave granted on 20 Feb 1852 ( can seek own employment without supervision )
11 Mar 1857 At Franklin drunk fined 1 pound
A conditional pardon was granted on the 24 Mar 1857
On the 22 Nov 1852 His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor approved the marriage of Robert Jones and Bridget Donaho.

Being held at St George's Battery Point on 28 Dec 1852.
It was a fruitful marriage being 7 children 4 females and 2 males. I am a descendant from the youngest,

Michael born Aug 11 1866.
Robert died at New Norfolk aged 64 on July 17 1880.

Cause of death disease of the brain.And is buried at St George of ease Lachlan.

From Convict record book 33/66 Indent 14/63 Description 18/43 Surgeons report 101/68 reel 3210 and New Norfolk Municipal Council