The following people appeared in the Northampton Independent Newspaper between 1909 and 1932. 

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JUDKIN George Griffith (1918)

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"George appears in my family tree as he was the stepson of my 3x gt aunt Sarah Judkins, nee Manley.

He fascinated me as a child as my father had a copy of the attached newpaper cutting, from the Daily Sketch dated 4 Aug 1909. 

I have traced Mr Judkins' relationship to John Manley (my gt gt grandfather) through census entries and baptism and marriage registers

and was given the attached photograph, taken of John and George on the Isle of Man, by my late aunt. George Judkins is the taller of the

two old gentlemen. I am also in contact with descendants of his younger sister who emigrated to Australia in 1862."  

George Griffith JUDKINS - a brief biography

George was born in Shoreditch 2 March 1831, the oldest child of George Judkins, a letter carrier.  A sister and brother followed before his mother

died and his father remarried, to Sarah Manley in 1839.  2 more girls and a boy were born to Sarah before she also died in 1844.  George senior

married a third time and went on to have 6 further children. By 1851 George seems to have moved out of the crowded family home, though no trace

of him has been found on the census.

George Griffith Judkins married Hannah Roberts in Birmingham in 1856. At this time he was working as a labourer.  They do not seem to have stayed

together long as in 1861 she was back living with her parents and George was in Australia, arriving in Sydney from Melbourne on the 15th July 1861. 

Hannah died in November 1865 but George wasn't granted administration of her estate (under 100) until July 1878,suggesting he had lost touch with

her in the meantime.

In 1866 George married Charlotte Horn in Shoreditch, claiming to be a bachelor. On his marriage certificate he was described as a commercial traveller

but on all census entries after this date he was a telegraph engineer.  In 1871 George and Charlotte were living in her home county of Bedfordshire. 

By 1881 they had moved to Northampton where they remained. Perhaps George had relatives there as his father was originally from Northamptonshire. 

 In 1891 a niece, Charlotte Gertrude Robinson, aged 5, daughter of George's sister in law, was staying with them, and this child was still with them in 1901.

George's wife Charlotte died in 1907 and in 1911  niece Charlotte, her husband Harry Rolfe and their  baby son  were living with George. 

George must have kept in touch with his family in London, as on a number of occasions after his wife's death, including 1909 and 1915 his uncle John Manley

travelled from Islington, North London to holiday with him on the Isle of Man.  I believe he also stayed in touch with his half sisters,  Ellen and yet another Charlotte,

who had emigrated to Australia, and his half brother Ben, an eccentric character living in San Diego.