The above photograph was taken on Coronation Day in 1953 and belongs to Stephen Cooper. 

His father (wearing the top hat) is standing roughly outside No. 50 (on the corner with Shelley Street). 

According to Stephen's father between 1947-1950 a light aircraft trying to land on the Racecourse during snow weather overshot and

crashed into the front of his Great Aunt Goode's house (4 Junction Road) and 6. 

The pilot parachuted out safely but the little dog that was a passenger in the plane did not survive.

If you know anybody in this photo then please contact me clarkealanj@gmail.com or Stephen at cooper@bos1.fsnet.co.uk


On Feb 10,2010 Cliff Groom wrote,

"I don't think the photograph shows No.50 on the corner of Shelley Street.  I was born and lived at 49, Junction Road,

which was on the corner of Shelley Street, I think that the picture definitely shows on the right hand side, trees, these were surrounded by a large black wooden fence

and ran from the corner of Moore Street down and the first building after the trees was Chapmans off licence. From the corner of Shelley Street to Moore Street on

the right, was all terraced houses.  In the photo, the cowboy at the front, is  Francis Manning who lived at the last house but one on the right side from

Shelley to Moore Street, two people directly behind him, who married Tony Claypole (the Cobblers player) they moved

to Cornwall, to the left of the cowboy is a clown, Christopher Young who lived at No. 3 Lingfield Terrace, his sister Mary is also in the picture (in the frog costume)

Mary passed away a couple of years ago, she was a really good friend."

On Sep 19,2012 Andi Downes wrote,

"The lady second in from the left with dark hair is my wife's grandmother Beatrice Harris who lived at No. 6 Lingfield Terrace."

On Nov 5,2012 John Selby wrote,

"The story on your website about the aeroplane crashing into Junction Road. My memory of this incident around  about 1947 when I was 13 is slightly different.

A light aircraft (Auster?) with two American servicemen landed on the racecourse having suffered some fault. After repair it took off again, stalled,

and came down on the roof of a house in Junction Road.

The Americans survived, but their dog fell off the roof and was killed. Be interesting to see if the Chronicle & Echo archives have a record of the incident."

On Feb 26,2013 John Womersley wrote,

"I have just come across your website and comments about the plane that took off from the Racecourse sometime between 1947 and 1950. It was around 1948,

and I was about 8 at the time. I was walking across the racecourse from our house at 28 Kingsley Road to Helliwell's vegetable shop - I think at the corner of Colwyn and

Shakespeare streets. I don't think it was winter, and I'm sure there was no snow.

 As we walked to the shop we saw a small plane buzzing above, and we're astonished on our return to find that it had landed.

The two airmen were chatting to a policeman. We were told that they had mistaken the racecourse for Sywell airport.

I think without moving the plane back to get a longer run the plane took off, and just clipped one of the trees at the St George's Avenue/Kingsley Road corner of the park and crashed into

the house or pub at the opposite corner of the junction. 

I think at least one of the two airmen was taken to the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford with a head injury. A vivid memory is the rather rotund policemen making haste for the

telephone box, then situated just inside the park at the Kingsley Road/Kettering Road junction."

On Jan 22,2017 Alma Johns wrote,

"I can't be sure of location but certainly not the corner of Shelly street . I was Alma Harrison one of 4 sisters living at no 71.

My younger sister Ann is in front of me to my Left is June Smith no 73 now living in Wales , on my right is Daphne Manning. Ann sadly died in February of 2006 .

Next to Ann is Joy Garland her mother is behind her."