Effects that the first world war had on Northampton are recorded in the Northampton Independent.

The more interesting aspects of this time are copied below, please click on the links to read the articles.


                                                        AGRICULTURE - Farmers in a fix.

                                                        THE ARMLET - Photo and description.

                                                        BELGIAN REFUGEES IN NORTHAMPTON -  Photo of named refugees with description.

                                                        BILLETING BILL - Billeting bill cost, good news for shopkeepers and terms for private householders.

                                                        BLACKOUT - An appeal from the Independent.

                                                        BOOT TRADE & NORTHAMPTON - Various articles including large orders and labour shortages.

                                                        CONCENTRATION CAMP - News of a camp near Northampton.

                                                        DAY AIR RAIDS - Police notice in the Northampton Independent.

                                                        DAY NURSERIES FOR NORTHAMPTON - A new nursery for women war workers.

                                                        DRINKING - Drunken soldiers, a warning to publicans.

                                                        DRUNKENNESS REDUCTION - Reduction in drunkenness but rise in other offences.

                                                        EARLY EFFECTS OF THE WAR ON NORTHAMPTON - Grocers prices and other items.

                                                        END OF THE WAR - Band, Bells, Tools Down, Lights Up - Northampton's rejoicings.

                                                        ENROLLING FIGURES - For Northampton.

                                                        INFLUENZA SCOURGE - An epidemic.

                                                        JUVENILE THIEVES IN NORTHAMPTON - A rise in crime.

                                                        DRASTIC LIGHTING ORDER - Every householder affected.

                                                        LONG HOURS OF LADY CONDUCTORS - On the Town Council's agenda.

                                                        MEASLES - A warning.

                                                        PARCELS FOR PRISONERS OF WAR - A list of articles that are allowed in a parcel.

                                                        POISON GAS IN LOCAL BILLETS - Acrid fumes in Northampton homes.

                                                        RUINED RACECOURSE -  A desert of mud.

                                                        SOLDIER DEATHS AT KINGSTHORPE HOLLOW - Councillor demands an enquiry.

                                                        SOLDIERS' FICTITIOUS STORIES - Bogus stories.

                                                        A SOLDIERS PROTEST - A soldier's protest on the anomalies of war.

                                                        SOLDIER VISITORS IN NORTHAMPTON - What 20,000 soldiers means to the town.

                                                        STATE CONTROL OF FOOD - 78% rise on pre-war prices.

                                                        SUSPECTED GERMAN SPY IN NORTHAMPTON - Wireless apparatus discovered.

                                                        TRIBUNALS, EXEMPTIONS AND OTHER STORIES - Stories from the tribunals.

                                                        WAR WEALTH FOR THE YOUNG AND THE OLD - Wages increase.

                                                        WOMAN WAR WORKER - Photo and article on Miss Ella Felce.



WHAT DO IN CASE OF AN AIR RAID - Issued by Northampton Borough Council.

LETTER FROM THE MAYOR - Dated January 14th, 1939.



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