NORTHAMPTON ST. GILES 233p/279 1702-1785

by Marilyn Ponting

Listed in the catalogue as 'an alphabetical index of names, probably to removal orders or settlement certificates'

It is more likely that they are settlement certificates.   

Year SURNAME Forename Notes (1) Notes (2)
1739 AGER John   from St Sepulchre
1755 ADAMS John Gardiner   from All Sts
1756 ASHBY Thos   from Nottingham
1785 ALLEN John   from All Saints
1728 BAILY Thos   from St Sepulchre
1732 BLUNDEL Mary   from St Sepulchre
1745 BATES Wm   from Swinford, Leicestershire
1745 BOON Thos   from All Sts
1752 BETTS Samuel   from All Sts
1754 BASON Thos   from All Sts
1754 BAKER Saml   from All Sts
1772 BANKS John brewer from All Sts
1776 BATTING Easter single woman from All Saints
1775 BULLIMORE Thos farrier from All Saints
1785 BILLINGHAM William   from All Saints
1713 CAPORN John   from All Sts
1714 CARTWIGHT Wm   from St Sepulchre
1738 COLLIS Saml   from St Sepulchre
1742 CRANFIELD Thos   from All Sts
1742 CLARKE Alice widow from All Sts
1745 CRANFIELD Hannah widow from All Sts
1745 COX Henry   from All Sts
1746 COX Eliz widow from St Sepulchre
1746 COREY John   from Walgrave Northamptonshire
1749 COLES Wm   from All Sts
1749 COLES John   from St Sepulchre
1751 CRADOCK Fraud   from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
1752 CLIFTON Thos   from All Sts
1758 CARTWIGHT Thos   from St Sepulchre
1761 CATTLE George   from St Sepulchre
1768 CARR John   from Saint Sepulchre
1752 COOK Thos   from Daventry
1766 CHAMBERS Willm   Dallington
1752 CARTWIGHT Willm   from All Sts
1785 COLLIS Henry   from All Saints
1785 CORNISH John   from All Saints
1788 CLAYSON James   from Brafield on the Green
1736 DRAPER Wm   from St James's Clerkenwell London
1751 DUNCKLEY Wm   from St Sepulchre
1761 DAVIS John   from Wellingborow
1784 DICKINSON James   from St Sepulchre
1726 EASTON Saml   from All Sts
1709 EARL Robt   from Daventree
1748 EASTON Wm   from All Sts
no year ESSON Robert   from All Sts
1739 FURNESS John   from Blakesly, Northamptonshire
1742 FARRIN Jos   from All Sts
1776 FARREL Richard labourer from All Saints
1778 FOX Francis whitesmith from All Saints
1784 FOOD William   from St Sepulchre
1725 GRANT Benjn   from All Sts
1751 GILL Joseph   from Weston Flavel, Northamptonshire
1760 GREY Saml   from All Sts
1705 HIGGASON John   from St Sepulchre
1714 HADLAND Thos   from All Saints
1716 HADDON Christr   from Old Northamptonshire
1742 HILL Henry   from Walgrave Northamptonshire
1743 HICKERSON John   from St Sepulchre
1745 HAYES W ? widow from All Sts
1751 HOWKINS Thos   from Ecton Northamptonshire
1751 HOGDEN Wm   from All Sts
1752 HALL Randolph   from St Sepulchre
1753 HARRIS Thos   from Bissiter Oxfordshire
1769 HILLARY Willm   from All Sts
1776 HASLOCH William   from All Saints
1778 HILLS Stephen   from All Saints
1770 HADDON Benjamin   from All Saints
1781 HADDON Saml   from All Saints
1782 HILL William   from All Saints
1768 KENNING William   from All Saints
1730 LAVENDER John   from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
1746 LAREY Deb.? widow from St Sepulchre
1752 LINNEL Wm   from All Sts
1758 LANGFORD John   from All Sts
1780 LELLEY Westfield   from Wellingborrow
1723 MANNING George Goldbourn   from St Sepulchre
1725 MARSHALL Richd   from St Sepulchre
1735 MANNING Richd   from All Sts
1749 MARRIOTT James   from All Sts
1751 MIDDLETON Richd   from All Sts
1768 MARRIOTT Charles   from All Saints
1776 MALLSHAW Mary   from All Saints
1781 MUDDIMAN Alexander   from All Saints
1785 MINARD Simon   from All Saints
1710 NICHOLLS John   from All Sts
1718 NEWCOMBE Jos   from All Sts
1728 NEAL John   from All Sts
1742 OSBORN Thos   from Battersea Surry
1742 OGLES John   from All Sts
1746 OAKELEY Wm   from All Sts
1738 PALMER John   from All Sts
1743 PEIRCEVAL John   from All Sts
1750 PARBERY Thos   from Weston Flavel, Northamptonshire
1761 PERKINS John   from All Sts
1768 PRESTIDGE Thomas   from All Saints
1770 PERCEVALL James   from All Saints
1774 RICHARDSON Mary   from Pisford
1788 RUBBRA Joseph   from All Saints
1702 SMITH Thos   from All Sts
1717 STEVENS Simond   from St Sepulchre
1720 SMITH John   from St Sepulchre
1742 STEVENS Wm   from All Sts
1743 STRINGER Charles   from Thornhill Yorkshire
1745 STURMAN Joseph   from All Sts
1749 SAUNDERS George   from St Sepulchre
1760 SAUNDERS Thos   from All Saints
1758 SHARMAN Thos   from Hardingstone
1759 SMITH Wm   from St Sepulchre
1776 SMITH John   from All Saints
1776 SMALTSHAW Mary   from All Saints
1739 TEETON Thos   from All Sts
1751 TEETON Wm   from All Sts
1757 TOMKISS Saml   from Abington
1761 TATE Sarah   from St Sepulchre
1750 TAYLOR Wm   from Wapnam
1770 TILLY John   from Easton Mauditt
1784 TODD Widow   from St Sepulcher
1785 TERO Charles   from All Saints
1718 WALKER Wm   from All Sts
1718 WALBANKE Zachariah   from All Sts
1719 WALKER Arthur   from All Sts
1728 WILBY Wm   from St Sepulchre
1728 WARREN Richd   from All Sts
1730 WARD John   from St Sepulchre
1738 WICKENS John   from All Sts
1742 WARD John   from All Sts
1742 WOODRUFF Arthur   from St Sepulchre
1746 WESTON Richd   from All Sts
1751 WARWICK Phillip   from All Sts
1752 WRIGHT Saml   from All Sts
1753 WISH Benjm   from All Sts
1753 WALKER Wm   from All Sts
1754 WARD John matmaker from All Sts
1755 WRIGHT John taylor from All Sts
1755 WILBY Barnett   from All Sts
1760 WATKIN Wm   from All Sts
1726 WOODEN Elias   from Turvey
1772 WRIGHT John shoemaker from All Sts
1776 WHITE HEAD William   from All Saints
1770 WARD Thomas   from Hardinstone
1776 WHITEHEAD Wm   from All Saints
1781 WARRIN George   from All Saints
1785 WEST Joseph   from All Saints
1786 WARWICK Robert   from Daventry
1788 WHITMY James   from All Saints
1785 YORK James   from All Saints