This photograph was sent to me by Alan Bradshaw.  We have marked up who we know on the picture.  [See below]

If you know anybody else then please email me :-

Alan Smith emailed me Jan 2013 -

My name is Alan Smith and I was born in Northcote Street in 1951.

My mother Irene Smith is standing behind Anita Roberts and the young girl holding # 26, next to my mum is my brother Graham and behind them both is our neighbour Mrs Coker.

Janet Ellis emailed me on Dec 22nd,2009

I am delighted to recognise one (or possibly two) of my husband's relatives on this photograph of Coronation Day in Northcote Street. 

The man on the far right of the photo directly behind the young girl in a light dress with a sash and crown is Percy (Perce) GUDGER. 

 Perce was married to my husband's aunt, Lilian ELLIS.  We need to check with a cousin, but we think the boy in breeches standing next to Michael GOODMAN

(dressed as a cricketer) may be Perce's son, James (Jim) GUDGER. 

My husband was present at this party as a 4 year old, as were his other cousins, but unfortunately they don't seem to be on this photo. 

Kind regards 

Janet (Ellis) email contact

Viv Stanley emailed me on Feb 11th, 2010 to say that Percy Gudger got award in the 1960's for saving a man who had fallen in the river at the bottom of the street.

Janet Ellis added :-

 James Gudger (Percy's son) tried to save a boy who had fallen into the river at the bottom of the street. James (aka Jim) got an award but unfortunately the boy died, I believe.

Fiona Lilley emailed me on Mar 18th,2012

I can confirm that the boy in breeches standing next to Michael GOODMAN is James (Jim) GUDGER.

My mum, Diane Twiselton (maiden name), was in the same class as Jim at St. George's Junior School and recognised him instantly.

Apr 25th,2016

The fairy is possibly Hazel Gudger (Jim's younger sister)

Margaret Turley emailed me on Oct 5th,2018

 has recognized two more people on the photo (Margaret Tibbles and Dorothy Wright)


Evelyn Roberts was the first woman to pass a test to drive Borough Buses, see newspaper clip below :-

AUG 7th ,1940


Left to Right, Percy Richardson [Dave's grandfather], Betty in white (Percy & Nellie's daugher), Rose Richardson [Dave's mother]

Olive (Percy & Nellies daughter), Nellie [Dave's grandmother - Percy's wife], Ron (Percy & Nellie's son)

Photo sent to me by Dave Richardson,

The photo shows the air raid shelters in the street, Dave's father said he never went into the shelters. 


[Above] Dave's grandmother [Nellie Richardson] and two cousins Christine & Michael Richardson.

Photo sent to me by Dave Richardson,

Nellie won the street competition for the best decorated house (so Dave has been told).

VE or VJ Day

Photos sent to me by Margaret Turley.