Alan Ashton emailed me 2012.

 As an ongoing series of videos connected with the theatre organ world I have just posted two which will perhaps bring back many memories for

Northamptonians who remember the Savoy cinema ( now the beautifully restored Jesus Centre )

I invite anyone to go to You-Tube and then put in the search box the following:



Both will take you back in time to the days when we all enjoyed seeing films and enjoying organ interludes played by the likes of

Northampton born Harold Nash, who can actually be heard playing in one of the videos.

Harold lived in Bostock Avenue. His Wife Nella was a music / piano teacher. Harold, a huge cricket fan, was offered a chance to make a BBC Broadcast, which was cut short

in the opening minutes because a Test Match had reached an exciting stage of the game, and his broadcast was faded out. Harold carried on laying, knowing nothing of

this until 30 minutes later when he finished his broadcast. He was offered a return date and it is this music that his heard in the video.

I shortly hope to do a video all about the Lyric, Wellingbrough.

Alan Ashton.

Savoy Projectionist


ABC Monitors, Savoy, Northampton.

Have included the third one because it might be of interest to those persons on it.  As stated it is a publicity shot for a film, but why the group of youngsters be included escapes me! 

 What I do know is that they are all ABC Monitors ( not Minors ) because each of us had to be in charge of three rows of seats at the ABC Minors Saturday Morning shows. 

It was our job to keep an eye on those in our charge and to prevent unruly behavior: throwing things at the screen: running around etc.


In the shot I am second from the left behind the target.  The Three Musketeers at the back are the Savoy Doormen.  In front of them are members of a local Archery Group

at that time, who I seem to think gave demonstrations on stage during the run of he film that week.  The only other person I know in the group is the one sat cross legged dead

centre of the front row ( 4th from the girl in black ) and his name is John Newcombe who, like myself, went on to become a projectionist at he Savoy. 

I'm still in touch with him to this day.....but who the rest are I don't know. 

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