UPDATE Nov 2010

I had an email from Heather Davison, copied below :-

"He is on the picture of the Semilong football team and his name was George Dundonald White Squires. 

The Squires were an old family and his mother owned the general grocery store in one of the streets opposite the Semilong Club.  I think it is the same shop that Brian Faulkner mentions in his memoir on the site.

My mother remembers going to the Club on a Saturday as a little girl and putting bread and cheese on the bar top - I think my Grandfater George must have been pretty involved in the Club.  He was a soldier in First World War and was sent to Russia in his teens - I have his medals and also a medal he won for playing football it has the Corell Barnes Cup embossed on it.

Grandma Squires who owned the shop also set her daughter Ivy up in a general drapers store"


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