If you recognize anybody in this photograph or no the name of the factory than please email me at (It could be Manfield on the Wellingborough Road) :- clarkealanj@myway.com

Email sent to me by Robert Smith :-

"Also, I have just been looking at some of the photos you are asking for help on…..there is one called “Unknown Shoe Factory” and to my amazement my grandma is on there.

I have just sent my mum the link to look at as well and she said it was her straight away. Sadly though mum has just told me that gran worked in loads of factories so can’t say

which one it is. I can tell you though that my gran Ethel Jennings (Maiden name Smith) is the lady on the left with the black dress/smock arms on the table turning and looking

at the camera, in fact she is one of the only ones there is a full clear picture of. She was born in 1903 and married in 1922 at age 20 and is shown as a shoe machinist on that.

We both think this was probably about that time so about 1922 and no later than 1930. Hope that’s some help."

 Photograph sent to me by Stephen Cooper :- cooper@bos1.fsnet.co.uk