All photographs and information was sent to me by Alan Bradshaw.


Borough Golden Memories


                                                        SAVED SO MANY LIVES HE LOST COUNT


                Many Northamptonians, who owe their lives to Mr. Tom Smart former attendant at the Midsummer Meadow and Kingsthorpe Baths,

                   will wish to congratulate him and Mrs. Smart on their golden wedding anniversary yesterday.

                    Mr Smart who retired eight years ago when he was 65, rescued  so many swimmers in difficulty that he lost count of the number,

                    but there is little doubt that he holds the life saving record of Northampton.  Sometimes he pulled out two swimmers in a day,

                    and hundreds of parents considered him guardian of their children.

                    Mr. and Mrs. Smart have lived at 39, Northcote street, Northampton for 42 years going there eight years after their wedding at All Saints Church. 

                    They have a daughter, Mrs Evelyn Roberts, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.


                    About 76 relatives and friends have been invited to their anniversary celebrations on Monday at Semilong Club.  A week later they will

                    leave for their second honeymoon at Herne Bay, Mrs Smart who formerly worked in shoe factories continues work at home for Brevitt Shoe

                    Manufacturers Ltd.  Her father was Mr William Pinkard Linaham, remembered by the older generation as a lamplighter.  Mr Smart was once in the shoe trade. 

                    He served in the 2/5th Manchester Regiment in World War 1 and was a prisoner of war for nine months.

[Above] Barker Thomas Smart and two views of Kingsthorpe swimming baths.