First and foremost you will need a an original copy of the Ticket To Ride Europe/USA board game. 

Please visit the Days of Wonder website listed below for more details :-


I really enjoy playing  Ticket to Ride and as it is such a great game that I thought I would have a go at creating an original board myself.

A map of Northamptonshire was an obvious choice for my website.  I have included all the main towns as destinations. 

I had some difficult decisions to make with regards to deciding which villages would appear on the map so apologies if yours hasn't been included. 

The Northants parish map presented one problem in that it is long and thin, I have tried to maximise the width. 

I might produce another version with some routes over the parish border (e.g. Piddington to Hanslope) in the future.

The Board Map (Complete)

To download the main board click on the link below,  (approx 2MB)

Ticket To Ride PDF File

The Board Map (In Sections)

It may be easier for you to download the map in A4 (Letter) sized sections (each is around 250 Kb).  These can be cut out and stuck onto cardboard.

Left 1 - Right 1

Left 2 - Right 2

Left 3 - Right 3

Left 4 - Right 4

The Destination Cards

Set 1,  Set 2, Set 3, Set 4, Set 5, Set 6

This material is my own and is no way associated with Days of Wonder