Photograph sent to me by Paul Kane.  Paul writes below,


"My mother was a Mawby and her mother a Timms, both branches of the family had spent generations in Northampton.

My mother’s family left England in late 1949 to live in Australia, since then some members of the family have

moved onto Canada and New Zealand.

My Grandfather William Mawby was one of the three children of Edward Charles Mawby (b1870) and Annie Elizabeth Allchin

(b 1872) – her family was involved in engineering and responsible for the Allchin traction engine.

My Grandmother was one of the 13 children of John Waples Timms and Sarah Ann Branson who lived at 102 Clark Road

(near the cricket ground) her brother Wilf was a well-known county cricketer. Most of the family were involved in

the shoe making trades.

This branch of the family left a treasure trove of family photographs. The family was very involved in the

Baptist Church in College Street and Adnit road and many of the photographs involve church meetings and outings

in the first two decades of the 20th century. They were very involved in a group called the Christian Endeavour movement."